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Moodally uses scientifically formulated content to change those unwanted moods that happen during the workday. Argue with a co-worker? Boss stressing you? Tough meeting later? Reach for Moodally.

Science-based content

Designed by a team of experts in neuroscience, complex emotions, organizational psychology, and award winning film production, Moodally offers you mood moving content with techniques used in scientific research.

These techniques have been shown to:

Shift mood


Improve productivity.

Live better

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What happens in Moodally...

We know that our mood is something we like to deal with privately - that’s why there’s no third party sign-up or extensive profile data. You can even use a fake name if you want. We don’t want your data. We want you to get the mood you choose.

What our users have to say:

In advance of a very tense General Assembly election of the board with a packed room of angry shareholders, I used Moodally to prepare me for my speech. In the back of my mind, I heard “hold your head high” and nailed it. The majority of shareholders voted for my proposal which was a positive but unexpected outcome.

James, Banking Industry

Loving it so far. Thanks for sharing and putting this out in the world.

Chris, Entertainment Industry

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